Segway Professional

Increase productivity, save energy and have some fun

Segway i2 SE

Save money for your business and increase the satisfaction of your employees by using the Segway i2 SE to get around the work floor more efficiently and in an environmentally friendly way.

Improved warehouse management

“In August 2007, we arranged for a 30-day trial of the Segway PT to see how it would perform in this environment. We thought they could increase our responsiveness to our associates’ needs by reducing interior travel time within the buildings and across our 65-acre campus. For example, when one of our associates has a question at one of our 78 dock doors, the Segway PTs enable our supervisors to travel quickly to them and respond.”

Segway x2 SE

The Segway x2 SE is the all-terrain master: it can handle muddy roads, grass plains or rocky paths. This makes it perfect for construction sites, farms, vineyards or any outdoor area.

An effective tool for farmers

“I bought my first Segway product in 2011 and in 5 and a half years, I travelled more than 16,000 kilometres, which is more than 3,000 kilometres in a year! It served me during the building preparation phases as well as for moving around on my farm in order to tour the farms. I wouldn’t trade it in for the world; I wouldn’t go back to something else!” -Freddy Blot, poultry farmer

Segway SE-3

Specially designed for police and security services is the Segway Patroller SE-3. This vehicle is intended for activities that require visibility and stability, such as safety maintenance in large pedestrian areas, shopping malls, airports and business parks.


Segway PTs help police deter crime

“The Patroller is an extension of me. It improves my mobility and it is manoeuvrable. I cover about 50 kilometres per week and I am even more approachable than a beat man. I travel on roadways, sidewalks, through parkways, on the green belt and through the river valley trails. I also take the Patroller into office buildings and elevators. It doesn’t have limitations. There is no better way to patrol congested areas.” - said Sergeant Maurice Brodeur

Ninebot by Segway E+

The Ninebot by Segway E+ is for you if you are looking for an affordable self-balancing personal transporter to use in your business. Perfect for raveling indoors or outdoors and across vast facilities.

Ninebot by Segway KickScooter ES4

The KickScooter ES4 is a very accessible, fast, light weight vehicle that can be folded in no time and stored easily. Due to its size and foldability you are flexible to take it anywhere you want.

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