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Get to know the Segway Robot.
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Project Segway Robot explained by Sarah Zhang.
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Watch the CES 2016 Intel Keynote Segway Robot Demo.
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Have something that does anything

The Segway robot, Loomo, is the world’s first personal robot which is truly mobile, with autonomous capabilities. Unlike other consumer robots, the Loomo can be used both indoors and outdoors in almost any type of terrain.

Loomo has a ton of cool assets, like a fish-eye camera allows you to shoot photos and videos from a wide angle, and with enhanced computer vision, depth sensing and other AI- driven capabilities, the robot has the ability to recognize items such as objects, faces, and voices. Use Loomo for logistic purposes by upgrading it with a delivery box, making it into the Loomo Go. What’s more, new features will be pushed out every month, so that your robot companion will get smarter over time.

Learn more about Loomo

The Segway Robot has several versions: Loomo Enterprise, Loomo Academy, Loomo Consumer and Loomo Go.

The Loomo Enterprise & Academy version comes with a development kit, to make it possible to design apps for different purposes. The Loomo Enterprise is for product divisions and R&D centers of companies. The robotics technology allows for revolutionary innovatons in the security service, elderly care, and can help to automate the retail industry. 
Loomo Academy has a service package included and is dedicated for universities and research institutions. 
With the Loomo Go indoor deliveries can be fully automated. Loomo Consumer is a robot for personal use that could be the newest member of your family.